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HAGELSTAM embodies timeless elegance, combining Nordic minimalism with Italian craftsmanship. Designed to effortlessly deliver style and comfort, each pair reflects our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. HAGELSTAM shoes are an expression of our founder's mission:

“We create beautiful shoes that are as comfortable as they are captivating, enduring as they are elegant, designed to be a seamless extension of the wearer. We craft for the woman who loves the power of simplicity and the appeal of fashion-forward design”.

Sandra Hagelstam


Sandra Hagelstam is a Finnish designer based in London UK. After graduating from London College of Fashion in 2014, she became a social media expert and global influencer, continuously immersed with her ultimate passion, shoes. Working with prestige designer brands, Sandra invested herself in the industry, future trends and understanding what makes beautiful shoes wearable and durable. As a woman, designing for women, she strives for the perfection of fit, the allurement of flattering, feminine details and to create shoes that are responsibly crafted to last.

“Beauty is subjective, and fit is personal, but comfort is universal. One should never have to suffer to be beautiful. HAGELSTAM shoes will always embrace the characteristics that makes shoes wearable and high heels comfortable. I am inspired by the play on proportions and incorporating strong feminine details into my designs. Every pair is a modern reinterpretation of a classic silhouette, designed to transcend seasons.”

Sandra Hagelstam