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All our leathers are of European origin and rated the highest standard - Gold by Leather Working group. This allows a closely monitored and responsible supply chain that guarantees transparency in the production. The Leather Working group certification rates key actors in the supply chain to promote best practice in a facility's performance across environmental, social and governance considerations. All manufacturers have implemented programmes for energy use and wastewater.

Upper materials

For all our upper, main material we use high quality calf leather of Italian origin. This leather is known for its smooth shine and delicate finish, hence requires minimal processing. Our Italian tannery has over sixty years of experience specialising in the production of calf leathers and splits, and operates with respect for the environment. They are rated Gold standard by Leather Working group and use 100% certified green, renewable energy.


Our soles are made of high quality bovine leather that is certified Gold by Leather Working Group. The inner sole is padded to maximise wearability and comfort in every step. Our internal insoles are Texon Ecosoles and made out of 60% recycled fibres, and 40% unbleached pulp.


In order to maximise durability and comfort in our shoes, all styles come with a colour matched textured anti-slip sole grip pad on the outer sole.

Our Atelier

Quality and exceptional craftsmanship is the cornerstone of each Hagelstam design. All shoes are produced by a family owned, skilled team of artisans of the fifth generation in an atelier in Marche, Italy. We aim to keep production as local as possible, with all components and packing being locally sourced in Marche.